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About Me

Hi, my name is Lara and I created Lara Wellness after spending a couple of years in an InsurTech start-up and noticing the struggle that small companies faced when juggling business growth and looking after employee well-being. 

Lara Wellness brings together forward thinking SME's who are equally passionate about their employees wellbeing. 

Expect a shared wellness experience for all your employees, all in one easy to access platform.

What Others Say

What to Expect:

Peer Support

Safe Online Space independent from your Company

✅ Receive Ongoing Support and reporting to track progress

Network Directly and Motivate Others Access to all your employees, anywhere in the world

Connect With Your Colleagues by joining events together such as Yoga classes or Meditations and sharing ideas exclusively within your company group


Weekly Live Relax and Recharge Sessions e.g. Alignment based Yoga and Mindful Meditation 

Weekly Wellness Trackers to gauge employee well-being levels and encourage open communication

Nutrition Guide and 6 Week Recipe Plan to support your Mental and Physical Health 

On Demand Access to a library of Alignment Based Yoga & Meditation Classes

Download App on Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store. Or Access via web page.


Alpha Mind 6 Week Challenge: For those who are ready to dedicate time to themselves and reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm. Daily sessions including Meditation, Yoga, Stress Workshops & Breathwork

  Drop-In Sessions: Companies or Individuals can book out time for extra support e.g. 1-2-1 Stress Coaching or Private Yoga Sessions for specific postural issues. 

Download App (iPhone & Androids)

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You Get What You Give

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